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USB 4.0 Host Controller IP

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The USB 4.0 Host controller IP is a highly configurable core and implements the USB 4.0 Host functionality that can be interfaced with third party USB 4.0 PHY's. Initial Versions :
  • A single downstream USBv4 Port
  • PCIe Host Interface Adaptor
  • No DP Source or PCIe Controller
  • Subsequent Versions :
  • Include xHCI Controller
  • No DP or PCIe Controller
  • Configurable Number of Downstream USBv4 Ports
  • Optional support for DP Source Adaptor
  • Optional support for PCIe Down Adaptor
  • PCIe based host interface adaptor with support for RAW and Frame mode.
  • Configurable option to exclude xHCI Controller and USB3 Down adaptor.
  • Optionally a reference firmware running on micorblaze for emulating connection manager for very simple topology.
  • Supports USB4 Gen 2x2 (20 Gbps) and USB4 Gen 3x2 (40 Gbps) Links.
  • Optional support for thunderbolt Gen 2 (10.3125 Gbps) & Gen 3 (20.625 Gbps) rates.
  • Optional bypass mode to support native USB v3.2
  • Support for Alt Mode and Billboard class via USB2 controller.
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