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    5G NR Rel-15 g-NodeB Protocol Stack SW IP

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    This is a 3GPP 5G NR Release 15 Compliant g-NodeB solution. The solution adapts a modular Design with the clear interface between the various modules supporting various RAN functional splits. The solution is optimized to handle extremely high data rates for supporting eMBB. It can also handle large number of users for supporting mMTC. The solution is qualified against industry’s leading T&M equipment.

    The 5G NR g-nodeB Protocol Stack SW IP is targeted to support 8 x8 Transmitter and Receiver antennas with FR1 and has a roadmap to support 64x64 with an upgrade to FR2. With the FR2 the solution will be supporting a bandwidth upto 400MHz with analog and hybrid beamforming.

    t2m-design-reuse t2m-chipestimate t2m-anysilicon
    • 3GPP Release 15 compliant (FR1)
    • Bandwidth 100MHz
    • Sub Carrier Spacing: 15kHz, 30kHz, 60kHz
    • Modulation Scheme: UptoQAM256
    • Duplexing Mode: FDD/TDD
    • Number of Layers: 4
    • Network Time Synchronization – IEEE1588
    • Support for NGC, EPC and Xn Interface
    • Support for NSA and SA
    • SDAP, RRC, PDCP, RLC and MAC Layers
    • Optimized Polar and LDPC encoder/decoders
    • Digital Beamforming
    • Modular design for RAN Logical splits.
    • Supports F1 split (Option 2)
    • Support for 5G FAPI SCF Rel10.0 (Option 6)
    • Availability of Logging, Wireshark captures
    • Configuration Management using GUI
    • Monitoring using SNMP
    • Algorithm Simulations
    • L2 / L3 Stack
    • Design documents
    • User manual
    • Cellular
    • Smart city
    • Connected home
    • Internet of things

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