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T2M MIPI MIPI Unipro v1.8 Controller IP

MIPI Unipro v1.8 Controller IP

Description and Features

This MIPI UniPro Controller IP is compliant with the latest MIPI UniPro v1.8 specification, provides the capability to control the UniPro link over a MIPI M-PHY link. MIPI UniPro is a high-performance, chip-to-chip, serial interconnect bus for mobile applications.

When this MIPI UniPro Controller IP is combined with Universal Flash Storage (UFS) Controller IP and also our M-PHY IP, designers can easily integrate PHY and the controller with low risk and accelerate time-to market with our UFS IP solution.

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  • Compliant with the MIPI UniPro v1.8 specification and backward compatible with MIPI UniPro v1.61
  • Support HS-Gear4 M-PHY IP v4.1 and access to attribute
  • Support Asymmetric lanes and Gears
  • Support Data Lanes connected 2 lanes
  • Support Slow/ Slow-Auto/ Fast/ Fast-Auto mode
  • Support PWMG1-G4/HSG1-G4/Rate A/B
  • Support Skip symbol insertion
  • Support Scramble function
  • Support Quality of Service Monitoring (QoS)
  • Support PHY test mode & UniPro test feature
  • Support Cport0 and TC0
  • Support HW auto LinkStartUp
  • Maximum R/W Performance up to 2170MB/s
  • UniPro IP Power-Off in Hibernate state


  • User Manual
  • Behavior model
  • RTL codes
  • Test patterns
  • Test Documentation
  • Highly Modular and scalable design
  • Active-low
  • Asynchronous reset
  • IOT
  • Automotive
  • Storage
  • Consumer
  • Embedded
  • Enterprise