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T2M Bluetooth BT Dual Mode v5.3 RF IP in SMIC 130nm

BT Dual Mode v5.3 RF IP in SMIC 130nm

Description and Features

The SoC is a low power and high performance 2.4GHz Bluetooth Low Energy SoC. This SoC integrates all the essentials of a Bluetooth smart device which includes 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 with Flash memory, digital interface support and high performance 2.4GHz RF transceiver. A built-in DCDC converter is included to provide a complete low power SoC solution for standalone applications such as HID and Wearable devices.


  • Fully qualified Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 peripheral device.

  • Up to +98dBm link budget.

  • Sub 10mA TRx radio current.

  • Low power and excellent performance 2.4GHz.

  • transceiver with built-in balun for compact layout area and low BOM cost.

  • 2 channel 10-bit SAR ADC.

  • Highly integrated SoC with 128kB Flash and 80kB SRAM.

  • Quadrature Decoder.

  • DCDC converter, Boost or Buck Mode.

  • Communication interface options

    • Master I2C x2.

    • Master Three SPI & Four-Wire SPI (16MHz).

    • UART x2.

  • Digital peripherals.

    • LED x3.

    • PWM x3.

  • Support Serial Wire (SW) debug mode.



  • Behavioral model for the analog/RF portion

  • RTL for the digital portion

  • Related test benches

  • Documentation


  • Wearable device (wristband, smart watch, etc.)

  • HID device (smart remote controller, etc.)

  • BLE module (UART transmission)

  • Health applications (smart weight, etc.)