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T2M Bluetooth BLE 5.0 RF IP in TSMC 55nm

BLE 5.0 RF IP in TSMC 55nm

Description and Features

Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 Radio IP available in TSMC 55nm ULP process node. The radio supports 1Mbps, 2Mbps and Long-Range mode, which is fully compliant. with Bluetooth® Low Energy Core Spec. (Bluetooth Smart) Version 5.0. The IP core works on a 1.2V supply. The RX and TX currents are optimized to be less than 8mA from 1.2V supply in BLE 1Mbps mode. The IP integrates all the calibrations required for the radio. operation in a SoC, and an optional modem. The radio analog hard IP including the RF Pad-ring occupies less. than 0.5mm2 area. The radio provides best-in-class RX and TX metrics at highly optimized areas and current.


  • BLE5.0 Compliant with 2Mbps data rate and Long Range support.

  • Internal matching network, no need expensive external matching network, which make the RFPCB layout much easier.

  • Minimum mask layers.

  • Minimum IO pins.

  • Radio analog hard IP area < 0.5mm2 Digital soft IP is less than 120K gates.

  • Excellent RX Noise Figure <6dB

  • Ultra-Low Power Operation, RX mode current(@ sensitivity, 1Mbps) <7mA @1.2V, TX mode

  • current (@ 0dBm) <8mA @1.2V; (0.9V for TSMC)

  • Integrated with ESD protected I/O pads

  • Technology Node: TSMC 55nmULP


  • GDS2

  • Behavioral model for the analog/RF portion

  • RTL for the digital portion

  • Related test benches

  • Documentation


  • IoT Sensors

  • IoT BLE Microcontrollers

  • Remote controller

  • Health applications

  • Smart Lighting Home and industrial automation

  • Automotive Chipsets