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T2M ADC 18bit Sigma Delta Stereo Audio 28nm ADC IP

18bit Sigma Delta Stereo Audio 28nm ADC IP

Description and Features

This is a complete low-cost stereo analog to digital converter for digital audio applications. The ADC comprises of a continuous time sigma delta modulator having a multibit quantizer and followed by a programmable OSR decimation filter. The device is fabricated on TSMC 28HPC process where high speed precision analog circuits are combined with high density logic circuits.


  • 18-bit stereo audio ADC

  • Output data rate 48KHz

  • I2S digital audio interface

  • Very low power consumption

  • Power down mode

  • Ultra-low area

  • Linear phase digital filtering

  • Zero phase error between channels


  • Portable audio players

  • Multimedia phones

  • Digital cameras