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T2M DisplayPort V-by-One Tx IP in 40LL

V-by-One Tx IP in 40LL

Description and Features

V-by-One HS technology targets a high-speed data transmission of video signals based on the internal connection of equipment. V-by-One® HS Standard defines the specifications to develop a transmitter and receiver. This Supports up to 4Gbps/lane; and Available 8-lane PHY and 16-lane PHY for Tx and Rx. Wide-range data rate, up to 1Gbps, the associated clock is DDR clock (1/2 of the data rate, up to 500MHz).

  • 16 channels total 128 bits of parallel data, each channel has a bit width of 8 bits

  • DC coupling mode

  • Multi-channel shared offset

  • Built-in transmitter terminal impedance, no need for off-chip components

  • Support AXI stream bus protocol and data transceiver

  • Built-in self-test mechanism, which can independently complete feature and mass production testing

  • Support link training mode

  • Support Flip-chip package form

  • ESD: HBM/MM/CDM/Latch-Up 2000V /200V /500V/ 100mA

  • Silicon Proven in SMIC 40LL


  • Datasheet

  • Integration guideline

  • GDSII or Phantom

  • GDSII Layer map table

  • CDL netlist for LVS

  • LEF Verilog behaviour model

  • Liberty timing model DRC/LVS/ERC results