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Description and Features

Through the collaboration of businesses in the semiconductor, display, computer system, connector, and cable sectors, the Open LVDS Display Interface (Open LDI) protocol was created to serve as an open standard for the digital connection of display sources and display devices. The de facto industry standard for connecting display controllers to LCD panels in laptop computers has evolved into this standard. The Standard Open LVDS Display Interface (Open LDI) Specification is completely adhered to by the Open LDI. System Verilog, VMM, RVM, AVM, OVM, UVM, Verilog, System C, VERA, Specman E, and non-standard verification environments all natively support the Open LVDS Display Interface (Open LDI) Verification IP. The Open LVDS Display Interface (Open LDI) Verification IP also includes an optional, GUI-based Smart Visual Protocol Debugger.



  • Full Open LDI Display Source and Display Device functionality.
  • Supports Open LDI v0.95 specification
  • Supports 8 serial data lines (A0 through A7) and two clock lines (CLK1 and CLK2) in the OpenLDI interface.
  • Supports DDC2B protocol to retrieve the EDID data structure from display.
  • Supports EDID 1.3 and 2.0 data structures in Display source and display devices.
  • Supports Gamma Correction in Display source and display devices.
  • Supports DC balanced and unbalanced modes of operation.
  • Supports following RGB Pixel formats in DC balanced and unbalanced mode of operation, • 18-bit single pixel, 24-bit single pixel • 18-bit dual pixel, 24-bit dual pixel
  • Supports Intra-pair and Inter-pair Skew insertion and detection
  • Supports the following common display resolutions • 640 x 480 • 800 x 600 • 1024 x 768 • 1280 x 1024 • 1600 x 1024 • 1600 x 1200 • 1920 x 1080 • 1900 x 1200 • 2048 x 1536
  • Supports user controlled Default Configurations of video formats for a Display Source and display devices.
  • Supports full plug and play using hot plug operation and detect device or source attach and removal events.
  • The model has a rich set of configuration parameters to control Open LDI functionality.
  • Status counters for various events in bus.
  • Notifies the test bench of significant events such as transactions, warnings, and protocol violations.
  • The source is capable of inserting various transmit errors.
  • The display device is capable of detecting various errors.
  • Open LDI Verification IP comes with complete test suite to verify each and every feature of Open LDI specification.
  • Functional coverage for complete features.


  • Complete regression suite containing all the Open LDI testcases.
  • Examples showing how to connect various components, and usage of Open LDI Display source, display device and Monitor.
  • Detailed documentation of all class, task and function's used in verification env.
  • Documentation contains User's Guide and Release notes.