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T2M ADC 12b, 640Msps Dual channel ADC IP Core

12b, 640Msps Dual channel ADC IP Core

Description and Features

Dual channel 12-bit, 640MS/s ADC is a Dual channel 12- bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) that operates up to 640MS/s. This ADC samples wide bandwidth analog signals with good linearity best suited for many applications. Small footprint and completely integrated reference drivers simplify integration complexity in RF front-end and SOC. In-built  calibration engine helps reducing sensitivity to process, voltage and temperature variations which improves overall system robustness.

  • Technology: TSMC 22nm ULP process

  • Metal Static: 1P8M_5X1Z1U UT-AlRDL

  • Dual channel 12-bit, 640Msps Analog-to- Digital Converter

  • Differential analog input

  • 0.8V/1.8V analog and 0.8V digital power supply

  • Internal reference generator (no external component)

  • Low power

  • -40°C to +125°C Operating Temperature Range

  • Self-calibrating ADC (offset, gain and skew errors)

  • Background calibration algorithms to track PVT variations

  • Parallel port addressable control for flexible digital control and debug of calibration engine

  • Input Buffer @ 1.8 V Supply

  • nput capacitance = 0.8 pF


  • RF Receiver

  • Industrial Instrumentation

  • Radar

  • Electronic surveillance