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T2M DAC 12bit 640Msps Current Steering DAC IP Core

12bit 640Msps Current Steering DAC IP Core

Description and Features

12b, 640Msps, Current Steering DAC is high performance 12b current steering that supports data rate up-to 640Msps. Each DAC core consists of a current source matrix with quad switching architecture, controlled from an adaptive balanced driver and re-timing latches. It has all necessary calibration circuitry to provide excellent static and dynamic linearity performance. For each channel, there is an integrated multiplexer to multiplex 2 lanes of 12b data to achieve 640Msps effective data rate. Parallel digital interface is available to externally read and write calibration bits.


  • Technology: TSMC 22nm ULP process

  • Metal Scheme: 1P8M_5X1Z1U UT-AlRDL

  • 12b Resolution, Fs = 640Msps

  • Programmable 20mA Differential Current Source

  • In-built Self-Calibration for mismatch for excellent linearity

  • Dynamic Performance@640Msps:

  • More than 60dB SFDR @110MHz

  • 71dB SFDR @ 20MHz

  • IMD3 >-65dB @20MHz±1MHz

  • Selectable Internal and External load Terminations

  • Output Common Mode: 300mV ±5%

  • 1.8V ±5% Analog Power Supply

  • 0.8V ±5% Digital Core Power Supply

  • Integrated Voltage and Current References

  • Very low silicon area

  • INL ±2LSB, DNL ±1LSB

  • Gain Error 5% with internal load termination enabled

  • NSD > -160dbm/Hz

  • Area=0.696mm2


  • Wideband wireless communication

  • 5G, LTE


  • Instrumentations, Automatic Test Equipment ATE

  • Radars