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KGD (Known Good Die)

Wireless connectivity is becoming ubiquitous, Bluetooth, ZigBee, WiFi and even cellular are becoming de-facto interfaces like USB. Integrating complex Semiconductor RF IP Cores into an SoC is a time consuming, expensive, and risky process for those with limited RF experience. Often companies want to enable a complete product line with Bluetooth LE, but do not have the resources or finances to redevelop all their SoCs.

T2M GmbH's KGD strategy enables Semiconductor companies to add wireless connectivity such as Bluetooth LE, ZigBee, ANT, SubGHz Wireless, Bluetooth Dual Mode Audio, even GNSS to their complex TV, STB, Audio, IoT, Lighting, Medical SoCs rapidly by stacking a dedicated RF KGD (Known Good Die) to form a SIP (System in Package). These RF KGDs enable companies to add RF connectivity to any SoC instantly, independent of Foundry & Process node, very quickly, at a low risk and low cost. Enabling companies to get to market in 3 months with ultra-low power production proven certified RF KGDs.Integrating complex RF into an SoC is high cost, high risk and time consuming.

If T2M GmbH's KGDs do not match your requirements, T2M GmbH's design partners can develop a custom KGD or ASIC based on your precise specification, using production certified IP Cores, that can be supplied as a production KGD, or technology transferred for your production and/or an IP Core for SoC integration. T2M GmbH can also reach out to its global customer base to identify potential Semiconductor partners who have already developed a similar SoC and are prepared to supply as KGD.





T2M GmbH Overview

T2M-Gmbh is the world’s largest independent Global Technology Business Development Company, working with clients to deliver complex system level Technologies, Semiconductor IP Cores, SW, Turnkey Design Services, KGD, SoC and Disruptive Technologies to the market, accelerating its customer's product development.

T2M GmbH's comprehensive Complex Technology Portfolio targets the communications and consumer markets, accelerating customer development of IoT, Wearables, Cellular, STB, TV, RCU, Smart Lighting, Smart Home, Smart Medical & Audio products.

T2M GmbH's broad range of Semiconductor IP Cores & SW are silicon proven and ready to license. Comprising of System level solutions of pre-integrated Analog, Phy, RF transceivers, Digital Controllers, Interfaces & SW for accelerating product design in key technology segments. Technologies including Audio, Bluetooth, WiFi, ZigBee, 4G, 5G, GNSS, DVB / ISDB / DTMB Demodulators/Modulators, Video Decoders/Encoders, USB / MIPI / HDMI / DP / Ethernet, pre-integrated Phys & Controllers.

T2M GmbH was founded in 2010, located in key tech clusters around the world, our senior management team provides local access to leadership technology from tier 1 technology companies to accelerate your product development.






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