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T2M MIPI MIPI UFS v3.1 Host Controller IP

MIPI UFS v3.1 Host Controller IP

Description and Features

Our Universal Flash Storage (UFS) Controller IP is compliant with the latest JEDEC UFS v3.1 specification. The UFS standard is a high performance, low power serial interface that efficiently moves data between a host processor and mass storage devices.

When our UFS Controller IP is combined with in-house developed UniPro Controller IP and M-PHY IP, designers can easily integrate PHY and the controller with low risk and accelerate time-to market with our UFS IP solution.

Verification : IP Functionally is verified in NC – Verilog simulation software using testbench written in Verilog HDL


  • Compliant with the JEDEC UFS v3.1
  • Backward compatibility JEDEC UFS v3.0 & v2.1
  • TAG overlap/LBA overlap/Valid UPIU check
  • Maximum DATA OUT = 64KB
  • Maximum DATA IN = 64KB
  • Maximum RTT number= 8
  • CMD Queue Depth = 32
  • HW Auto NOP IN Response
  • HW Auto Query Response
  • HW Auto Write Function
  • Support HPB v1.0 (Host-aware Performance Booster)
  • Support EHS (Extra Header Segment)


  • User Manual
  • Behavior model, and RTL codes
  • Test patterns and Test Documentation
  • Write-protect options include permanent and power-on protection
  • RMM-compliant synthesizable RTL design in Verilog
  • Easy-to-use test environment
  • IOT
  • Automotive
  • Storage
  • Consumer
  • Embedded
  • Enterprise