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T2M Cellular NB-IoT Rel-14 UE PHY. IP

NB-IoT Rel-14 UE PHY. IP

Description and Features

This NB-IoT PHY. is a 3GPP Release 14 compliant Category 4 NB UE solution. The Nb-IoT UE PHY. IP supports massive machine-type communication (mMTC) and enable low-power, low-cost, low latency, high throughput, and low-data-rate communication. The platform is available on COTS Hardware platform for evaluation.

The PHY IP is platform independent with the choice of the DSP processor cores. The PHY IP has been integrated for the sensor-based applications and has been integrated and test performed with NB-Iot specific radio chips. With a roadmap of Release-15 and Cat M1 upgradable the PHY IP is targeted for the wide range of IoT application along with 5G NR Non-Terrestrial Network specification to enter into the niche market areas like Satellite and Balloon type deployment.


  • 3GPP Rel-14 Cat-NB UE Solution
  • FDD Support
  • Single Antenna Tx and Rx
  • 200 KHz Bandwidth
  • Standalone, In-band and Guard-Band modes of
  • operation
  • 15KHz and 3.75 KHz Subcarrier spacing support
  • Single Tone and Multi Tone UL
  • DL Repetition upto 2048 with all Gap Threshold configurations supported
  • UL Repetition upto 128
  • Paging with Repetition
  • 2 HARQ in DL and UL
  • Coverage level 0,1 and 2
  • AGC Implemented in Firmware
  • AFC support for higher ppm clock offsets and compensation in Firmware
  • Differential Coherent Combining for Sync Channel Detection
  • Coherent Combining for Repetition Mode
  • Integrated with COTS RF & 3rd Party NB-IoT RF
  • Interop with eNodeB and T&M equipment