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T2M MIPI MIPI I3C Slave v1.1 Controller IP

MIPI I3C Slave v1.1 Controller IP

Description and Features

As Sensor data rate increases, there is a necessity to have control information flowing to and from sensors at an efficient data rate. Also, to bridge the gap of digital interface fragmentation of various interfaces like I2C/SPI/UART, MIPI has come up with a solution of MIPI I3C interface. Also, the traditional interfaces like I2C/SPI/UART would require additional sideband signals like interrupts/chip select/enable/sleep signals. These additional signals increase the pin counts. MIPI I3C interface presents a fast, low cost, low power, two wire digital interfaces for sensors. Apart from increased data rate, I3C also has support for legacy devices operating in FM and FM+ modes. I2C-like communication with SCL clock speed up to 12.5 MHz MIPI-defined transmissions allowing the master to communicate with one or all slaves on the bus HDR mode using ternary number symbols to achieve two data transmissions per equivalent clock cycle. A subset of I2C communication to legacy I2C slaves, if present on the bus Slave initiated request to master, e.g. in-band interrupt, address request.


  • Compliant with the MIPI Alliance Specification for I3C Version 1.0
  • Supports modes of Master – SDR [12.5 MHz], HDR DDR and HDR- Ternary (TSP, TSL) Modes
  • Supports IBI, Hot Join
  • Dynamic Addressing assignment support
  • Supports asynchronous Mode 0, Mode 1
  • Compliant with AMBA 3 APB Protocol Specification v1.0 for register access
  • Easy integration and co-existence with I2C devices
  • Flexible protocol layer can be written on top of the core logic of I3C slave
  • Multiple I3C slave instances can be made


  • Configurable RTL Code
  • HDL-based test bench and behavioral models
  • Test cases
  • Protocol checkers, bus watchers, and performance monitors
  • Configurable synthesis shell
  • Documentation
  • Design guide
  • Verification guide
  • Synthesis guide
  • I3C Master can be configured to work as the secondary master
  • I3C Slave configuration – HDR-DDR Slave, SDR-only Slave
  • System Access: APB or AXI
  • Configurable FIFOs
  • In Environmental sensing and other applications like NFC, etc.
  • Mechanical/Motion related application like to name a few: Compass/Magnetometer/Gyro/Accelerometer/Proximity/Touchscreen/ Grip/Time of Flight/Audi/ultrasonic, etc.
  • In biometrics/Health application like to name few: Fingerprint/glucometer/Heart-Rate, etc.