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T2M ADC 14b-4.32Gsps ADC IP

14b-4.32Gsps ADC IP

Description and Features

This ultra high speed wide-band Analog-to-Digital Converter is based on 16 Time Interleaved Pipeline sub-ADC followed by a digital correction algorithm for gain, offset and skew correction. The differential input is terminated by a 100 Ohms resistor (100 Ohms differential) and followed by an input buffer driving the sub-ADC. The signal amplitude is 1Vpp differential. The analog source driving the ADC should be ac-coupled to the input pins with two external capacitors of 1nF minimum. The input common mode is generated internally.


  • 14-bit Time-Interleaved Pipeline ADC
  • 4.32GSps Sampling Rate
  • 60dBFS SNR (9.7 ENOB) with 54MHz
  • External AC coupling for the input signal
  • Two power supplies: 1.8V for analog & 1.0V for digital compensation
  • 1.0Vpp differential full-scale input
  • Buffered analog inputs
  • Input signal bandwidth: 54MHz to 1794MHz
  • Power down mode
  • 16x14bits data output at 270 MHz (4.32GHz/16)
  • Data ready output at 270MHz
  • Silicon Proven : 28FDSOI
  • Extracted from a production DOCSIS Tuner STB chip


  • Source Code Delivery including : Unlimited Usage and Rights to Modify
  • Technical documents
  • Design Guide


  • RF Direct Sampling