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T2M Audio Set Top Box & TV Audio Solutions

Set Top Box & TV Audio Solutions

Description and Features

Audio Weaver® is the audio platform which is Rich for the IoT ecosystem, enabling leading customers to deliver differentiated audio playback and voice features including TalkTo™ quickly in their products.  Our ability to help customers realize high quality innovative DSP audio is our core strength. Audio Weaver® is the embedded audio design tool and delivery platform of choice.

TalkTo™ High performance audio frond endSuite of Machine Learning and Advanced Microphone Algorithms delivers unrivaled barge-in performance, Adaptive Interference Canceller™ (AIC) learns and eliminates external noise sources, Highly optimized Acoustic Echo Canceler (AEC) for up to 7.1 output channels, Beam-forming for linear or circular arrays of 2 to 8 microphones.

Voice control is radically transforming the way consumers interact with their electronic devices, whether at home, at work, or on-the-go. We offers a range of audio product development solutions tailored to automotive, home audio, set-top boxes, and smart home manufacturers, which include Baidu, Bose, Braun, GoPro, Logitech, Panasonic, Sony and Zoox .

Smart Speaker: Accommodates arrays from two to eight mics, and includes Adaptive Interference Cancellation™ (AIC) for industry-leading wake word recognition.

Multichannel Soundbar: TalkTo™  for soundbar includes proprietary N-channel Acoustic Echo Canceller (AEC) and Adaptive Interference Cancellation™ (AIC) to deliver reliable wake-word recognition, even at cinematic volume levels.

TV & Smart Screen: Delivers reliable far-field voice recognition even with linear two or four-mic arrays.

Set Top Box: Uses a circular array, and easily recognizes the wake word even in the presence of loud audio from a nearby TV or soundbar.



Playback Processing High demand Audio Features available through Audio Weaver®

  • Volume Normalization
  • Dynamic Range Compression (DRC)
  • Upmix / Downmix