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IP Cores

T2M ADC 14bit 400KHz SAR ADC IP Core

14bit 400KHz SAR ADC IP Core

Description and Features

14-bit resolution, 400KHz Ultra Low Power SAR ADC IP Core Node available in 55nm. Leading edge systems on chip (SoCs) for microcontrollers, medical applications, and General purpose are made possible by these items. Our data converter (ADC and DAC) IP cores. include resolutions ranging from 6 bits to 14 bits.


  • Increases ADC channel speed

  • Ultra low power

  • Provides accurate charge transfer without the need for calibration

  • Relaxes op-amp gain, bandwidth, and offset requirements

  • Simplifies high-performance analog designs

  • Reduces noise and power consumption


  • Medical Application

  • Ethernet

  • Automotive

  • Communication system

  • Microcontrollers

  • Sensors


  • CDL netlists

  • Liberty timings

  • Verilog description

  • A full datasheet

  • An integration note


  • Low area and low power

  • Node available in 55nm

  • Excellent linearity

  • Compact area

  • Bandgap reference