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T2M Verification IPs MIPI DSI-2 VIP


Description and Features

MIPI DSI-2 Verification IP provides an smart way to verify the MIPI DSI-2 bi-directional two-wire/threewire bus. The MIPI DSI-2 Verification IP is fully compliant with version 2.0 MIPI Alliance specification for serial Interface and provides the following features. MIPI DSI-2 Verification IP is supported natively in System Verilog, VMM, RVM, AVM, OVM, UVM, Verilog, SystemC, VERA, Specman E and nonstandard verification env MIPI DSI-2 Verification IP comes with optional Smart Visual Protocol Debugger, which is GUI based debugger to speed up debugging.



  • Full MIPI DSI-2 Tx and Rx functionality.
  • Supports 2.0 MIPI DSI-2 Specification.
  • Support both DPHY and CPHY
  • Supports MIPI DBI specification
  • Supports MIPI DCS specification
  • Supports all types of D-PHY, C-PHY short packets
  • Supports all types of D-PHY, C-PHY long packets
  • Supports all lane configuration
  • Supports 8 lane configuration of DPHY layer
  • Supports 4 lane configuration of CPHY layer
  • Supports multiple packets per transmission
  • Supports differential and single ended mode of operation
  • Supports PPI interface
  • Supports all BTA commands
  • Supports Link Distribution Function
  • Supports skew calibration, data scrambling
  • Supports below data rates in DPHY layer • 80 to 1500 Mbps per lane without deskew calibration • Upto 2500Mbps per lane with deskew calibration • Upto 12000Mbps per lane with equalization
  • Supports below data rates in CPHY layer • 17.1 Gbps for 3 lanes • 5.7 Gbps for 1 lane
  • Supports Display Stream Compression (DSC)
  • Various kind of Tx and Rx errors generation andetection • SoT error, Sync error, Word count error, Sync length error, Checksum error, ECC error
  • Supports detection of all timeouts and injection of various timeout errors
  • Supports both high speed and low power packet transmission and reception
  • Supports fine grain control of timing parameters
  • Status counters for various events in bus.
  • Operates as a Tx, Rx, or both.
  • Monitor, Detects and notifies the testbench of all protocol and timing errors.
  • Callbacks in node transmitter, receiver and monitor for user processing of data.
  • MIPI DSI-2 Verification IP comes with complete test suite to test every feature of MIPI DSI-2 specification.
  • Functional coverage for complete MIPI DSI-2 features


  • Complete regression suite containing all the MIPI DSI-2 testcases.
  • Examples showing how to connect various components, and usage of Tx,Rx and Monitor.
  • Detailed documentation of all class, task and function's used in verification env.
  • Documentation also contains User's Guide and Release notes.