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T2M USB USB 3.2 Gen1/Gen2 PHY IP in 28HPC

USB 3.2 Gen1/Gen2 PHY IP in 28HPC

Description and Features

It supports both USB 3.2 Gen1 and Gen2 with this PHY IP. By offering a complete on-chip physical transceiver solution with built-in jitter injection, an integrated self-test module, and protection against Electro Static Discharge (ESD). This USB 3.2 Gen2 PHY IP can be used as a host or device and implements a USB 3.2 Gen2 transceiver. PHY IP supports Gen1 5Gbps data rate as well as USB3.2 Gen2 high speed data rates up to 10Gbps with integrated mixed signal circuit.

  • Support PHY interface (PIPE4.3) enables multiple IP sources for USB3 MAC layer
  • Supports 5.0Gbps and 10Gbps serial data transmission rate
  • Supports 16-bit or 32-bit parallel interface
  • Data and clock recovery from serial stream
  • Support 8b/10b encoder/decoder (Gen1), 128/132 encoder/ decoder (Gen2) and error indication
  • Tunable receiver detection to detect worse case cables
  • Low Frequency Periodic Signaling (LFPS) transmission and reception
  • Support SSCG function to reduce EMI effects with tunable down-spread amplitude
  • Selectable TX margining, TX de-emphasis and signal swing values
  • Built-in-self-test with internal Loopback test option
  • Programmable analog circuit parameter adjustment and internal test control
  • Compliant with USB3.2 Gen2 base specification
  • Silicon Proven in UMC 28HPC


  • GDSII & layer map
  • Place-Route views (.LEF)
  • Liberty library (.lib)
  • Verilog behavior model
  • Netlist & SDF timing
  • Layout guidelines, application notes
  • LVS/DRC verification reports
  • Test patterns and Test Documentation