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    BLE 5.2 Linklayer, Stack & Profiles IP

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    BlueLitE is a Bluetooth core certified by BT SIG to meet the specifications version 5.2 (Bluetooth low energy) for single mode. The BlueLitE product line has two component IPs. The BlueLitE-SP (Stack and Profiles) and the BlueLitE-LP (Link layer and Physical layer). The v5.2 (Milan) Specifications include the core Protocol Stack and Link Layer specification to support Audio-over-BLE.

    Generic Audio Middleware Specifications are being defined Bluetooth SIG Working Groups and are Software only specifications to enable Audio-over-BLE. Low Complexity Communication (LC3) codec has recently completed its spec adoption by BT SIG. We already have the product licensed by customers and being integrated.    
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    • Implements Link layer and physical layer of LE controller specification
    • Supports all mandatory and optional features
    • Supports all device roles and states
    • Architected for very low power and low memory footprint
    • Integrated Power Management
    • Firmware portable for 8/16/32-bit microcontrollers
    • v5.2 (Milan) features: LE Isochronous Channel
    • LE Power Control
    • EATT
    • v5.1 Madrid Features: DF - AoA/AoD
    • GATT Caching
    • Periodic AdvSync transfer/ Control length extension
    • Advertising Channel Index Changes
    • Minor Functional Enhancements #1
    • Source Code of Transport Abstraction Layer and Operating System Abstraction Layer
    • Firmware source code
    • Technical Documnetation
    • OS and MCU abstraction layers for portability to any SoC platform
    • Support for multiple processor bus and flexible RF Interface
    • BLE 5.2 BQB qualified
    • BT SIG has licensed our stack for integration into the PTS -Test tool. This ensures that every product will need to prove interoperability against the Mindtree stack for the purpose of qualification
    • Proven in all UnPlugFests
    • Tested for interoperability with more than 200 smart phone models
    • TWS Earbuds
    • Bluetooth Headphones
    • Smart Speakers

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