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T2M DAC 12bit +20Gsps 28nm DAC IP Core

12bit +20Gsps 28nm DAC IP Core

Description and Features

Using cutting-edge FinFET nodes 28 nm, these mixed signal IP cores have great performance, extremely low power, and 12-bit resolution. These components make it feasible to develop cutting-edge systems on chip (SoCs) for wireline networking, wireless communication, and ADAS in automobiles. The resolutions and sample rates of our data converter (ADCandDAC) IP cores range from 6 bits to 14 bits and a few MSPS to over 20GSPS, respectively.


  • Reduces noise and power consumption

  • Increases ADC channel speed

  • Provides accurate charge transfer without the need for calibration

  • Relaxes op-amp gain, bandwidth, and offset requirements

  • Simplifies high-performance analog designs in nanometer CMOS


  • Available in finFETand 28nm nodes

  • Excellent linearity

  • Compact area

  • Complete subsystem with:

  • Bandgap reference

  • Time interleaving error(s) correction

  • Support for I/Q and array configurations

  • AEC-Q100 Grade 2 compliant


  • 5G Wireless Infrastructure

  • Automotive Ethernet

  • Automotive LiDAR/RADAR

  • Wireline Communication

  • Wireless Communication

  • Image Sensors

  • Satellite Communication

  • Low Power IoT