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Description and Features

The MIPI D-PHY Analog TX IP Core is fully compliant to the D-PHY specification version 1.2. It supports the MIPI Camera Serial Interface (CSI-2) and Display Serial Interface (DSI protocols). It is a TX PHY with one clock lane and 4 data lanes. The D-PHY consists of an analog front end to generate and receive the electrical level signals, and a digital back end to control the I/O functions. Internal termination resistor with auto-calibration.D- PHY is a MIPI DSI PHY (MIPI TX DPHY) Includes a PLL, a Clock Lane and four Data Lane for MIPI DSI data transmission, also D-PHY can be used as a 5V tolerance GPIO bank.


  • Compliant to MIPI Alliance Standard for
  • D-PHY specification Version 1.2
  • Supports standard PPI interface compliant to MIPI Specification
  • Supports synchronous transfer at high speed mode with a bit rate of 80-2500 Mb/s
  • Supports asynchronous transfer at low power mode with a bit rate of 10 Mb/s
  • Supports ultra-low power mode, high speed mode and escape mode
  • Supports one clock lane and up to four data lanes
  • Data lanes support transfer of data in high speed mode
  • Supports error detection mechanism for sequence errors and contentions
  • Supports contention detection
  • Configurable skew option for each Clock and Data lanes
  • Testability for TX, RX and PLL


  • GDSII & layer map
  • Place-Route views (.LEF)
  • Liberty library (.lib)
  • Verilog behavior model
  • Netlist & SDF timing
  • Layout guidelines, application notes
  • LVS/DRC verification reports
  • DSI PCS :
  • The Register Bank is accessible through a standard AMBA-APB slave interface, providing access to the DSI PHY registers for configuration and control.
  • Host_adapter: remappig PPI Signal with lane control and phy_adapter block;
  • Lane_ctrl block (clklane_ctrl/datalane0_ctrl/datalane1_ctrl/datalane2_ctrl/datalane3_ctrl)
  • acknowledges the operation on PPI interface. It enables a high-speed transmission or low-power transmission/reception and schedules the activities inside the link.
  • PHY_adapter: remappig lane_ctrl Signal with phy interface;
  • DSI PMA:
  • A PLL for high speed clock and MIPI data clock generation
  • Data MUX and Reference resistor calibration
  • MIPI PHY IO with GPIO compatible
  • Automotive
  • Mobile
  • IoT
  • Consumer Electronics
  • VR
  • AR