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T2M 5G Services

5G Services

Description and Features

  Product Development Services

  Development of new products, Solutions & Applications for 5G Device, Edge, Access, Core, Management & Orchestration

  Testing and Pre-Certification

  • 5G Device/Network Element conformance testing, Pre-Certification, Field Trials, Performance Testing
  • System Testing/Interoperability testing, VNF Testing and Benchmarking with 5G Test beds


  Network/Service Automation Solutions

  • Development of SDN/NFV based 5G Network/Service Design, Deployment, Closed Loop Monitoring Tools
  • Development of Analytics/AI based tools for diagnostics, maintenance, performance management


  Customer Support Services

  • L1, L2 Support, NOC for Operators &OEMs, L3 Support for OEMs, Operator Customization, Transformation via Automation, Network Rollout Services, Product/Process Documentation, Training. Architecting and Supporting Telco Cloud/NFVI/Enterprise Cloud Management and Optimization. Setting up and Management of Private 5G Networks.

  Industry Vertical Solutions

  • End to End 5G IoT services including software/hardware design and development of IoT Gateways, IoT Platform, Service Enablement Platform, Service Monetization, Edge Application Development for different industry verticals like Automotive, Industrial, Media

  5G Testing as a Service Platform:

      To provide the following 5G Testing as a Service

  • Component Interface Testing (eg: RAN, AMF, UPF, CORE)
  • Multi-Vendor Component Performance bench marking
  • ONAP based Data Collection & KPI Monitoring different NW slices as well as components
  • Conformance Testing

  • Onboard system under test and test systems
  • Design and automate test workflows
  • Bring up test services on need basis
  • Publish the test reports & logs
  • Subscription management