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SoC 白盒IP设计

ZigBee SoC White Box IP



A low-power, highly-integrated SoC solution, the Zigbee chip is a true 2.4GHz SoC solution with Zigbee compliant platform and supports IEEE 802.15.4 Standard. Combined with the Zigbee stack, the solution can be used for a wide range of applications and is perfect for creating interoperable solution for home or office usage.

The chip is designed to offer high integration, ultra-low power application capabilities. It integrates strong 32-bit MCU, 2.4G Radio, 16KB SRAM, 128/256/512KB external FLASH or 512KB internal Flash, 14bit ADC with PGA, 6-channel PWM, three quadrature decoders, a hardware keyboard scanner (Keyscan), abundant GPIO interfaces, multi-stage power management module and nearly all the peripherals needed to construct a powerful wireless Zigbee/IEEE 802.15.4 system.

With the high integration level, few external components are needed to satisfy customers’ ultra-low cost requirements.


  • Embed 32-bit high performance MCU with clock up to 48MHz
  • external 128/256/512KB FLASH or internal 512KB Flash
  • Data memory: 16KB on-chip SRAM
  • 12MHz/16MHz Crystal and 32KHz/32MHz embedded RC oscillator
  • A rich set of I/Os:

  • Up to 35/37/21 GPIOs depending on package option
  • SPI, I2C, UART, USB, Debug Interface Up to 6 channels of PWM
  • Sensor:

    • 14bit ADC with PGA;
    • Temperature sensor
    • Three quadrature decoders
    • Embeds hardware AES
    • Compatible with USB2.0 Full speed mode
    • Operating temperature: -40~+85 industrial temperature range
    • 2.4GHz RF transceiver embedded
    • Embeds internal RF matching circuit
    • RF link data rate: 250Kbps as specified in 802.15.4
    • Sensitivity: typical value -98dBm
    • Tx output power up to +8dBm
    • Single-pin antenna interface
    • RSSI monitoring


  • Supports Zigbee Pro feature set
  • Thread support
  • Compliant with: Zigbee Home Automation, Zigbee Light Link, Zigbee Human Interface, and Zigbee RF4CE profiles
  • A range of reference applications for RF4CE remote controls and ZLL lighting systems to enable fast product development
  • Applications

  • Smart Home
  • Smart Lighting
  • Home/Building Automation
  • Smart Grid
  • Intelligent Logistics/Transportation/City
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Industrial Control
  • Health Care
  • Deliverables

  • RTL source code
  • SW source code
  • Technical Documents, and integration support
  • Reference code for Zigbee stack
  • Reference design, and SDK


T2M提供高质量的已验证IP,包括各种模拟/混合信号,RF,数字和SW系统的解决方案。可用于通信,消费类电子和计算机产品的关键组成部分,包括IoT系统,可穿戴设备,蜂窝电话,平板电脑,M2M,RCU,机顶盒,电视机,DVD播放器和PC芯片组。 无论是fab工厂的工艺 /节点的移植还是特定的系统功能,T2M所提供的IP可以进行设计定制化修改以适合客户的具体要求。