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HDMI 2.0b Rx IP

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This HDMI 2.O Rx IP provides a complete HDMI receiver function and complies with HDMI specification version 2.0b. It consists of two modules, a physical layer (PHY) and a link module. The PHY is upper compatible with DVI receiver and implemented as a hard IP based on TSMC 28HPC+ CMOS logic process, while the link module is implemented as a synthesizable soft IP. Built-in High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) cipher protects the transmission of audiovisual content.
  • HDMI version 2.0b compliant receive
  • Supports HDCP 2.2/HDCP 1.4
  •  Supports CEA-861F/VESA DMT up to 4K2K
  •  Supports 3D formats (Frame packing/Side by Side Half/Top & Bottom)
  •  Wide range channel speed up to 6.0Gbps
  • Deep Color Mode support at 24, 30, and 36 bit per pixel
  •  Programmable color space converter includes BT601/709/2020(NonConst)/RGB/xvYCC,
  •  Adjustable analog characteristics
  •  Supports I2S, S/PDIF and DSD audios
  •  1.8V/0.9V power supply
  •  Support TSMC 28HPC+ process
  •  Full testability
  •  3D formats with Frame Packing/Side by Side Half/Top & Bottom.
LINK Specifications
  • Supported HDMI standard: HDMI 2.0b / HDMI 1.4b with HDR packet supported Supported HDCP HDCP 2.2 / HDCP 1.4
  • Supported Video formats: 3D formats with Frame Packing/Side by Side Half/Top & Bottom Compliant with EIA/CEA-861F / VESA DMT Deep Color 24bit, 30bit, 36bit supported
  • Supported Audio formats: Standard S/PDIF for stereo and compressed audio up to 192Khz PCM, Dolby digital, DTS digital audio output through 4bit I2S up to 8 channels Super Audio CD 1bit audio format High-Bit-Rate compressed audio formats IEC60958 or IEC61937 compatible
  • Color Space Conversion: ITU-R BT601/709/2020 NonConst/RGB Full/RGB Limit/xvYCC YCbCr422/YCbCr444/RGB to YCbCr420
  • Host interface: AMBA APB v2.0 32bit / I2C interface
  •  Size: (Undisclosed)
PHY Specifications
  • Channel bandwidth: 250Mbps ~ 6.0Gbps per channel
  • Programmable analog characteristics: PLL band width VCO gain BGR voltage
  • Testability:
  • Loop-back test
  • PLL only test
  • Built-Out-Self-Test
  • Size: (Undisclosed)
  • Process: TSMC 28HPC+ 1.8v/0.9v
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