ISDB-S3 Demodulator IP Core is now available for licensing to STB & TV SoC Manufacturers

T2MIP, the global independent semiconductor IP Cores & Technology provider, is pleased to announce the licensing of its partners mass production, field proven ISDB-S3 Demodulator IP Core is available for licensing for the integration into TV & STB SoCs.

This high-performance Demodulator IP Core is extracted from a production chip and is a self-contained low gate count RTL implementation (no CPU or DSP) utilizing novel patented techniques in the field of algorithm designs. The Demodulator IP Core is fully compliant with and exceeds the performance requirements of ARIB STD-B21 v5.4 (ISDB-S3) and ARIB STD-B31 v2.2 (ISCB-T) standards.


The Demodulator IP Core supports 8MHz, 7MHz, 6MHz channel bandwidths, with a very efficient FFT core supporting 2K, 4K and 8K modulation. The Tuner interface supports both ZIF and Low-IF tuner configurations as well as Digital IF Mixer to support Low-IF from 3MHz to 6MHz with 1Hz precision.

A complete system EVK including production Tuner (also available for licence) is available running on a Xilinx FPGA. This IP Core is extracted from a production chip and is available for licensing as either a Source or Netlist delivery with a unlimited usage, no Royalties business model where requested. For more information on licensing options and pricing please drop a request / MailTo

T2MIP has a comprehensive portfolio of Silicon Proven IP Cores extracted from Mass Production Chips for applications in Satellite Communication, Broadcast, Aerospace & Defence markets which includes a complete range of Demodulator, Decoder & Modulator IP Cores:

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Associated IPs:

  • DVB-S2X/S2/S Narrow band Demodulator/Decoder IP Core
  • DVB-T2/T Demodulator/Decoder IP Core
  • DVB-C Demodulator/Decoder IP Core
  • DTMB Demodulator/Decoder IP Core
  • ATSC Demodulator/Decoder IP Core
  • DVB S2X/S2 FEC-LDPC Decoder IP Core
  • ISDB-S3 LDPC BCH Decoder IP Core