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T2M Analog 12-Bit 5Msps Low Power ADC IP Core

12-Bit 5Msps Low Power ADC IP Core

Description and Features

This is low power 12-bit resolution, 5Msps sample rate, differential or single ended multi-channel input ADC IP core on TSMC 40nm Embedded-flash ULP Process. The internal ADC includes sample and hold circuit, a capacitive DAC, a comparator, and logic control circuits.


  • Resolution: 12-bit

  • Sampling speed: 1Ksps ~ 5Msps

  • SNR: 66dB@5Msps,10KHz input signal

  • Multi single ended / Differential input: 8/4 channels,

  • Power Supply:

  • Analog power supply 1.8V ~ 3.63V

  • Digital power supply 0.81V~ 0.99V

  • TA = -40°C ~ 125°C

  • TSMC 40um Embedded flash ULP Process

  • SNDR: 66dB

  • ENOB>11.0bit @1Msps; DNL/INL≤±1LSB


  • Microcontroller

  • Industrial Instrumentation

  • Broadband Wireless communication

  • Low Power IoT