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T2M Wireless SMART Lighting Solution

Wireless SMART Lighting Solution

Description and Features

We provide a robust wireless smart lighting control technology based on the globally interoperable Bluetooth mesh standard. Whether you are a component manufacturer, a facility manager, or an energy service company, you can easily deploy our solutions to strengthen your competitive advantage and create new revenue streams.

The Bluetooth wireless lighting ecosystem has Four main components

  • Bluetooth SIG Certified BLE Mesh
  • Commissioning and provisioning application
  • Multiprotocol IoT gateways that interfaces to third party BMS (Building Management Systems) / Cloud
  • Connected Building IOT Platform/Services

 A technology platform that combines mobility, cloud and internet of things (IoT) can enable successful integration of existing infrastructure, including utilities, controllers/BMS, CCTV, ERP system, ticketing system and more.



  • Comprehensive : Supports Qualified BLE Mesh features and provisioning workflows
  • Scalable : Enables provisioning of hundreds of nodes easily
  • Independent : Supports any third party BLE Mesh gateway and/or cloud platform
  • Interoperable : Proven to be interoperable with leading Bluetooth chipsets and module providers
  • Flexible UI : Allows customized branding and custom provisioning workflows