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T2M Bluetooth Smart Mesh SW

Bluetooth Smart Mesh SW

Description and Features

Smart Mesh IP Suite offers the Smart Mesh Profile and Application Level Encryption. The Smart BLE Mesh Profile is compatible with BT-SIG's Smart Mesh Profile specification.

Smart Mesh over Bluetooth Smart is built grounds up to meet the needs of embedded systems. It is optimized for Memory and MIPS. The IP suite is implemented on ANSI C to enable portability across processor platforms.

Bluetooth Mesh IP can be integrated with any 3rd party Bluetooth low energy stack with access to the GATT Layer (for GATT Bearer interface) and HCI Layer (Advertising Bearer interface)

Bluetooth Mesh IP is a complete implementation of current version of the Bluetooth Mesh specifications

Interoperability tested at all Mesh UnPlugFests

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  • Connected in every possible way, and smart in every sense
  • Manage Geographically Dispersed Building at the clock of a button
  • Get the best of OT, IT, and IOT world
  • Use your existing infrastructure to make it a smart connected building