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T2M Multiprotocol IoT Gateway

Multiprotocol IoT Gateway

Description and Features

Our Multiprotocol IoT gateway is a feature-rich, software only, hardware independent solution, which supports multiple industrial protocols such as OPC Unified Architecture, Modbus and BACnet to enable upstream connectivity with on-premises or cloud-based IoT servers or Building Management Systems.

We offers two variants of gateway IP:

  • Mesh Gateway

The objective of Mesh gateway is to enable aggregation of data from the BLE Mesh nodes and the data coming from other various sensors over different connectivity protocols and standards. Mesh gateway can also adapt to different other protocols such as Modbus, serial, ZigBee or any other proprietary protocols that some of the off-the-shelf devices may expose.



  • Edge Gateway

The Edge Gateway provides the distributed architecture. Multiple Mesh gateways can communicate to the Edge Gateway, which in turn can connect to the application server (on premise or on cloud) for data exchange. Edge gateway includes the functionality of a Mesh gateway in addition to other Gateway features.



  • Mesh gateway can act as a bridge for the commands and the status messages between the BLE Mesh network and Edge gateway.
  • Across the large-scale deployment, multiple Mesh gateway are expected to communicate to the Mesh network. This Mesh gateway can communicate to the edge gateway/application server.
  • Support for Local Web-UI for Gateway configuration and deployment
  • Local No SQL database to support store and forward feature. This will help address any kind of uplink connectivity issues with support to locally display the information over the Web UI
  • Edge Gateway can run edge analytics and rule engine components that can perform analytics on the consolidated data from multiple Mesh gateway
  • Supports multiple cloud connectors on Edge gateway. The cloud connectors can communicate to any third party IoT application platform. This makes the BLE lighting solution independent of the cloud platform
  • Support for Firmware over-the-air upgrade(FOTA)