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14-bit ADC with 4.32GSps Support Available for WhiteBox Licensing with Unlimited Usage and Modification Rights

16 Oct, 2023

T2MIP, the worldwide independent silicon IP Cores provider and Technology expert with a global presence is excited to share that their partner, a leading global provider of silicon IP cores and technology solutions, has top-notch 14-bit ADC with Wide Band employing a Time-Interleaved Pipeline architecture IP Core supporting 4.32Gsps is now available for Whitebox Licensing, offering unlimited usage and complete modification rights.
The 14-bit, 4.32GSps Wide Band ADC with Time-Interleaved Pipeline Architecture offers a combination of high-speed sampling, high resolution, low power consumption, and flexible interfaces, making it an ideal choice for applications such as telecommunications, wireless communications, radar systems, and medical imaging, Automotive SoCs among others.
Key Features of the 14bit / 4.32GSps Wide Band ADC "Time-Interleaved Pipeline architecture" includes:
1.    16x14bits Data Output at 270MHz (4.32GHz/16): Output data at a high frequency, providing efficient data handling and processing.
2.    External AC Coupling for the Input Signal: Facilitates efficient coupling of the input signal, enhancing overall performance and compatibility.
3.    Two Power Supplies (1.8V for analog, 1.0V for digital compensation): Optimal power management to meet specific analog and digital requirements.
4.    1.0Vpp Differential Full-Scale Input: High input voltage range accommodates a wide variety of signals for comprehensive signal processing capabilities.
5.    Buffered Analog Inputs: Enhanced input handling capabilities for improved signal fidelity and accuracy.
6.    Input Signal Bandwidth (54MHz to 1794MHz): Broad frequency range for versatile applications, supporting a wide array of signals.
7.    Power Down Mode: Efficient power management with a power-down mode, conserving energy when not in use.
8.    Data Ready Output at 270MHz: Ensures seamless data availability for streamlined signal processing workflows.
Deliverables include Source Code Delivery along with Unlimited Usage and Rights to Modify. Empowering engineers with flexibility and control over their implementations. Comprehensive resources to assist in efficient integration and utilization of the ADC in various applications.
The 14bit / 4.32GSps Wide Band ADC "Time-Interleaved Pipeline" is now available for licensing, along with the final GDS layout. For inquiries and further information, please visit or
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