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T2M-IP Unveils Best-Selling DVB-T2/T Demodulator IP Core with Cutting-Edge Features, Silicon Proven and Ready to License

29 Jan, 2024

T2MIP, the global independent semiconductor IP Cores provider and technology experts, is proud to announce the release of its groundbreaking DVB-T2-T IP, a highly sought-after Silicon Proven IP derived from a meticulously extracted production chip. This groundbreaking technology serves as a digital DVB-T2 and T demodulator, complete with Forward Error Correction (FEC) capabilities. Its operational exclusivity guarantees the processing of only one signal (standard) at a time.
The DVB-T2 demodulator distinguishes itself with microcontroller-assisted operation, embedded to ensure rapid tracking and response times compliant with the demanding T2 standard. Notably, users will find no need to program registers in this firmware-controlled demodulator. For T standards, classical software control from the host processor is implemented along with programmable registers. Both the DVB-T2 and T demodulators seamlessly share a common input, adaptable to either Zero Intermediate Frequency (ZIF) mode or Intermediate Frequency (IF) mode. Supporting Silicon and traditional CAN tuners, our flexible IF/baseband interface is equipped with IF/BB Automatic Gain Control (AGC) and I2C control.
This highly integrated System-on-Chip (SoC) is a game-changer, significantly reducing board area and manufacturing costs. Its versatility enables the design of cost-effective, compact Set-Top Boxes (STBs) for DVB-T2 or DVB-T networks. Featuring flexible AGC tailored for diverse signal environments, our technology boasts a best-in-class, low-power standby mode to align with emerging energy standards for STBs. Meticulous clock-rate management and enhancements in channel acquisition efficiency contribute to an impressively power-efficient standby mode. Embrace the future of demodulation technology with our DVB-T2-T IP, ensuring the following features to customers:
User-selectable mode, compatible with low to high IF tuners, ADC for RF signal strength indicator. Multi-stream, DVR-capable transport stream processing.
  • Advanced standard-definition video decoding (H264/VC-1/MPEG2/AVS)

  • Advanced multi-channel audio decoding (MPEG 1, 2, MP3, DD/DD+, AAC/AAC+, WMA9/WMA9Pro)

  • Linux, Windows CE, and OS21 compatible applications CPU

  • 32-bit DDR1/DDR2 compatible local memory interface

  • Extensive connectivity (dual USB hosts, e-SATA, Ethernet MAC/MII/RMII, and PCI)

  • Advanced security and DRM support, including SVP, MS-DRM, and DTCP-IP..

For those seeking maximum flexibility and customization, DVB-T2/T IP core is available in a white box license. Customers gain unlimited usage rights and full modification capabilities, allowing them to adapt the IP to their specific requirements and port it to any process technology of their choice.
Availability: These IP Cores are available for immediate licensing. For more information on licensing options and pricing please drop a request / MailTo .
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