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LC3plus Audio Codec For Various Audio Application Is Available For Immediate Licensing

02 May, 2023

T2MIP, a leading provider of wireless communication technologies, is proud to announce the availability of LC3Plus, the next-generation audio codec designed to extend high audio quality to the entire communication ecosystem. With LC3Plus, it is now possible to enjoy high-resolution audio streaming on wireless accessories.
LC3 and LC3plus offer a flexible codec design, allowing for high-quality music streaming as well as voice services. LC3plus is the only open-standard audio codec for high-resolution wireless headsets and high-quality gaming headsets:
LC3plus also includes additional functionalities of LC3, including audio quality, high speech, and is loaded with various additional functionalities. It has transmission robustness, ultra-low delay use cases, and high-resolution audio transmission capabilities.
The dedicated high-resolution audio mode on the LC3plus provides a high-quality transmission link that performs well in terms of Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR), Total Harmonic Distortion and Noise which in terms makes it the ideal codec for delivering high-fidelity audio streaming to high-resolution wireless equipment.
The codec's complexity meets the needs of wireless communication platforms such as Bluetooth, DECT, and VoIP terminal equipment. LC3 and LC3plus allow low-energy services with longer battery life by decreasing the required bit rate by roughly 50% when compared to legacy codecs.
For further information on licensing options, deliverables, and pricing please drop a request..
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