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Embrace the future of sensor communication in your SoC with proven MIPI I3C SMaster, Master, and Slave Controller IP Cores. Licensing opportunities are available for immediate implementation

04 Sep, 2023

T2MIP, the worldwide independent silicon IP Cores provider and Technology expert with a global presence as a pioneering force in the realm of semiconductor intellectual property, introduces the MIPI I3C SMaster, Master, and Slave Controller IP Cores. This cutting-edge solution represents a significant leap forward in interconnectivity technology, adeptly addressing the ever-increasing demands of modern electronic devices.
The MIPI I3C protocol, a fundamental element in sensor communication across various industries, drives flawless data exchange in applications spanning smartphones, IoT devices, and automotive systems. The MIPI I3C controller IP core, serves as a pivotal cornerstone across these industries, seamlessly enabling data exchange in smartphones, IoT devices, and automotive systems. As a part of T2M's comprehensive offerings, this IP core suite, encompassing SMaster, Master, and Slave Controller IPs, empowers designers to craft high-performance and dependable communication interfaces. Prioritizing scalability, flexibility, and seamless integration, it expedites development cycles, facilitating swift market entry for next-generation products.
The MIPI I3C SMaster Controller IP Core represents an exclusive advancement in I3C protocol technology, boasting additional features that surpass the standard I3C protocol. It is specifically designed for futuristic and highly advanced SoC (System-on-Chip), fully compliant with the latest I3C specification. It delivers the highest bandwidth and scalability for integrating multiple sensors into mobile, automotive, and IoT system-on-chips. Utilizing the standard-based ARM (Advanced RISC Machine) AMBA (Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture) Advanced High-Performance Bus (AHB), it seamlessly connects the IP to the rest of the SoC, ensuring effortless IP integration. The MIPI I3C Controller IP core is engineered for easy integration into any SoC, offering the lowest gate count and swift integration into any chip development workflow.
The MIPI I3C Master Controller IP Core referred to as a controller IP (Intellectual Property), is a crucial hardware or software component that empowers a device to act as the master or initiator in a MIPI I3C bus communication system. The master/controller is responsible for initiating and managing communication with MIPI I3C slave devices, such as sensors, memory devices, or other peripherals. Some key features and functionalities of a MIPI I3C Master controller IP cores include Bus Initialization, Device Discovery, Command and Control, Data Transfer, Error Handling, Interrupt Handling, Low Power Modes, Synchronization, Compliance, and Customization.
The MIPI I3C Slave Controller IP Core plays a pivotal role for devices that need to function as a slave on a MIPI I3C bus. This IP cores ensures compliance with the MIPI I3C protocol, facilitates bus initialization, manages dynamic address assignments, handles commands and data transfer, generates interrupts, reports errors, supports low power modes and can be customized for specific applications. It plays a vital role in enabling seamless and efficient communication with MIPI I3C masters. Key features and functionalities of a MIPI I3C Slave Controller IP core encompasses I3C Protocol Compliance, Bus Initialization, Address Assignment, Command Handling, Data Transfer, Interrupt Generation, Error Reporting, Low Power Modes, Synchronization, and Customization. Collectively, these features enable efficient and compliant MIPI I3C communication between master and slave devices.
Availability: T2M-IP continues to lead the way in revolutionizing semiconductor IP, and the MIPI I3C SMaster, Master, and Slave Controller IP cores exemplify this commitment. They are available for immediate licensing, either as standalone solutions or with pre-integrated Controllers and PHYs. For more information about this groundbreaking technology, please visit  or contact us at
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