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SD/eMMC Host And Device Controller IP Cores Including Matching PHYs With High Performance, And High Storage Capacity Available For License To Secure Your Removable And Embedded Storage

01 Aug, 2022

T2MIP, the global independent semiconductor IP Cores provider & Technology experts, is pleased to announce the immediate availability of its partner’s JEDEC standard SD/eMMC Host and Device Controllers with Matching PHY IP Cores which are silicon proven in major Fabs and Nodes and has been in Production in multiple chipsets with High storage capability making it a viable solution to integrate and implement in a varied range of applications.
SD/eMMC v5.1 Host & Device IP Cores are an embedded non-volatile memory system, comprised of both flash memory and a flash memory controller, which implements the Host and Device Controller IPs with high-speed processing power by complementing each core and makes the interface design with the Physical layer a lot less complex. This exempts Product developers from the hassle of integration, following to a diminished time-to-market.
SD/eMMC Host and Device Controller IP
Our SD/eMMC Host & Device Controllers and PHY IP Cores are specially designed for the eMMC v5.1 to augment its storage with SD v5.1 features to address the increasing storage needs of mobile, consumer, IoT and automotive applications. The eMMC 5.1 is compliant with JEDEC Standard JESD84-B51 and the Secure Digital (SD) part supports SD5.1 and later specifications (Class 1, Video Speed Performance) allowing the selection of either SD or SPI mode. To store and transfer data securely, the SD/eMMC IP Cores provide both data write protection and password protection. The multiple bus-width feature allows Host and Device design flexibility and higher data transfer bandwidth.
The SD/eMMC Host & Device Controllers with matching PHY IP Cores supports High-Speed Dual Data Rate transfer (52MHz), Single date rate transfer (200MHz) for eMMC and Default Speed mode (25 MHz, up to 12.5 MB/sec), High Speed mode (50 MHz, up to 25 MB/sec) for SD. The SD/eMMC IP Cores boasts low cost, low power and comparably low area making it feasible for portable and space-constrained products.
SD/eMMC Host & Device Controllers and PHY IP cores have been used in semiconductor industry’s Cellular Electronics, IoT Sensors, Navigational systems, Consumer electronics, handheld computers, and other industrial uses.
In addition to SD/eMMC IP Cores, T2M ‘s broad silicon Interface IP Core Portfolio includes USB, HDMI, Display Port, MIPI (CSI, DSI, UniPro, UFS, Soundwire, I3C), PCIe, DDR, 10/100/1000 Ethernet, V-by-One, programmable SerDes, OnFi and many more, available in major Fabs in process geometries as small as 7nm. They can also be ported to other foundries and leading-edge processes nodes on request.
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Availability: These Semiconductor Interface IP Cores are available for immediate licensing either stand alone or with pre-integrated Controllers and PHYs. For more information on licensing options and pricing please drop a request at / MailTo