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T2M is excited to announce the successful licensing of our partners Silicon-Proven 1G Ethernet PHY IP Cores on a Tier-1 Foundry in Korea, using the advanced 14LPP process, in collaboration with a leading Tier-1 Korean customer

12 Feb, 2024

T2MIP, the global independent semiconductor IP Cores provider & Technology experts, is pleased to announce the Licensing of  Silicon Proven GbE (10/100/1000 Base-T) PHY IP Core in 14LPP process technology. This fully integrated IP core boasts low power consumption, catering to the demands of Giga 10/100/1000 Ethernet applications. The Gigabit Ethernet PHY IP Core is not only silicon-proven but has also been licensed to a Tier-1 Korean customer, marking a strategic advancement in the realm of semiconductor technology.
The Gigabit Ethernet PHY IP Cores is designed to operate seamlessly across various Ethernet protocols providing a versatile support system, including 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, and 1000BASE-T. Its adaptability is enhanced by its ability to interface with the Media Access Control Layer (MAC) using either GMII (Giga Media Independent Interface), RGMII, or MII, providing flexibility and compatibility with different networking environments.
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One of the key features of this 1G Ethernet PHY IP Cores is its comprehensive cable support. It can effortlessly handle UTP5/UTP3 cable for 10BASE-Te Ethernet, while also accommodating Unshielded Twisted Pair Category 5 Cable (UTP5) for 100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet and 1000BASE-T Giga Ethernet. This versatility ensures its applicability in diverse networking setups. With a Robust Physical Layer Functionality that encompasses critical elements such as the Physical Coding Sub-layer (PCS), Physical Medium Attachment Layer (PMA), and Twisted Pair Physical Medium Dependent Sub-layer (TP-PMD, 100BASE-TX only). It adheres to the standards set by IEEE 802.3ab and 100BASE-TX, delivering reliable and compliant performance for 1000BASET.
T2M’s Ethernet PHY comes loaded with a host of features that make it a standout choice in the semiconductor landscape. Fully compliant with IEEE 802.3-2008 and IEEE 802.3az standards it supports BroadR-Reach™. It includes impressive features such as Auto-negotiation support for seamless connectivity, Automatic detection and correction of pair swaps, pair skew, and pair polarity (Auto-MDIX), Management interface for enhanced control, Baseline wander compensation and on-chip transmit wave-shaping for optimized data transmission.
To facilitate seamless integration, T2M provides a comprehensive set of deliverables, including a detailed datasheet, Verilog behavior model for simulation, Liberty for synthesis, STA, and equivalence checking, CTL/CTLDB for DFT, SPF (Standard Test Interface Language) for ATPG, LEF for APR, and CDL for LVS connection.
Licensed to over 10 customers in last 3years, this IP has been used in a varied range of applications like Automotive, Networking, Telecom, AI, IoT and Industrial SoCs.
Availability: These IP Cores are available for immediate licensing. For more information on licensing options and pricing please drop a request / MailTo .
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